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At the Church of Ascension, we believe in celebrating life's milestones with you. Whether you're welcoming a precious child into the faith through baptism, pledging your love in a joyful wedding ceremony, or honouring the memory of a loved one with a compassionate funeral service, we're here to walk alongside you. We offer personalised guidance and support to create a meaningful and memorable experience that reflects your beliefs and traditions.


Considering baptism for your child? We offer a welcoming and inclusive environment, suitable for all families, regardless of your baptism status or church attendance.

We understand the importance of this special occasion and are dedicated to making it stress-free. Our team provides comprehensive support, from planning the ceremony to guiding you through the baptism process and the journey of faith that follows.

If you're choosing godparents, we offer helpful information and answer frequently asked questions to ensure a meaningful experience for everyone involved.


For your special day, a church offers more than just a venue – it's a place where God's blessing enriches your union. Regardless of how religious you feel, whether you attend church regularly, are christened, or have budget concerns, we invite you to explore a church wedding with us.

Our team is committed to helping you personalize your ceremony. We offer suggestions on hymns, readings, and unique touches that reflect your relationship. Our support continues throughout your planning, including decision-making, rehearsals, and preparation for the day itself.


Banns of Marriage need to be read out three times in Church at Sunday morning services. We encourage couples to attend services when banns are to be read.

Our team at the Ascension is here to assist you in every aspect of your wedding planning. Discover your perfect church, plan your ceremony, and learn about Church of England weddings.


At the Church of Ascension we can provide supportive information for those organising or attending a Church of England funeral and coping with bereavement.

We can help you plan the funeral - helping with reading choices, hymns, services and much more - please do get in contact if we can be of any assistance. We work with funeral directors and you and/or your family to help you prepare for this day

The Church of England has a dedicated website to raise awareness of the choices that you or your loved ones have, as well as support and information.

For more information about our services please contact us or call Revd Malcolm Hall on 0191 2954768

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